Wednesday 1 October 2014

I'm still here!

To say I fallen behind with my blog updates would be a HUGE understatement!! Not only that, but I've also fallen behind with my blanket! I am slowly catching up. In fact I've just made another five blocks this evening and I've  realised I'm now exactly a month behind! Not as bad as a few weeks ago *gulp*

Here it is on my bed. I've added another 18 blocks since this picture, wahoo! 

The reason I've fallen behind is because life has been pretty hectic! Since my last post we've moved house, been on holiday, Big Pip has started a new nursery, oh and I've started working (only a few hours a week, but it's a start), and one more major thing, I was inside Inside Crochet! I did an interview AND designed a cowl which were featured in issue 54! I am extremely proud of this achievement! Hee hee!
So yes, please forgive my lack of blog communication! Hopefully you follow me on Instagram (@frofunky) as I have managed to leave updates on there! 

Big Pip enjoying the blanket today.

So how are all your projects going?! I do hope there's still a few of you out there still taking part!!

I've started to think about what I'll do for a border... I'll probably stick to cream, but maybe go a bit fancy... Will have to do a bit of research me thinks! What about you??

I'm going to try really hard to get back on top of my blog, so keep an eye out for me!

Friday 9 May 2014

For the love of hearts (including the pattern).

So once again I've fallen behind with my blanket, but it's ok, I'm still writing down my moods so will catch up soon. The reason for this is that my parents are having a civil partnership tomorrow and I've been hooking up some teeny tiny hearts for them to decorate the tables! 

Aren't they cute?! 

Some are being used for name tags. And there will be some going around jars.
I'll take pictures tomorrow and show you them asap!

So you remember I shared a couple of heart patterns with you back on Valentines day? Well this pattern is slightly different, I thought I'd share:

Teeny tiny hearts:
(UK terms)

Make a magic loop.
1ch (doesn't count as a stitch) dc, htr, tr dtr, 4tr, 1ch, 4tr, dtr, tr, htr, dc, sl st into loop. Fasten off.

That's it!! Enjoy. 

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Week 16

I decided that I'm going to change the way I give you info about my blanket. I read over the last update and I starting to wonder how many people really want to hear me gas on about illnesses and being tired (granted the last update was a huge five weeks worth so no wonder it was a bit yawny)! So from now on I'm going to try my best to keep it brief (pretty hard as I'm a bit of a chatter box if you haven't guessed).

Day 106: Dark blue. Shattered.
Day 107: Bold pink. Feeling proud of my achievements.
Day 108: Light pink. Content, lovely family day, brunch at Baskervilles.

Onto row 7!!

Day 109: Light blue. Excited! Day trip to the seaside, cold but fab!
Day 110: Lilac. Easter Sunday, yum lunch at my parents, mmm!!!
Day 111: Lilac. Big Pip's ill :( still had fun at the in-laws!
Day 112: Dark grey. Both Pips are ill :( Tonsillitis, conjunctivitis and blepharitis.

Someone is enjoying the blanket already!

Sunday 20 April 2014

Two tea cosies

If you know anything about me, you'll know two of my favourite things are crochet and a good cup of tea! So I've made two tea cosies to combine these loves :)

Would you believe I found this little brown teapot on one of my neighbours front walls a while back (they often put things out that they didn't won't anymore, I also got a couple of cute wooden puzzles from them too)! As this is the teapot I use the most (it's a pot for one, I'm the only tea drinker in my house at the moment), I thought I should give it a special Debbie Kiddle inspired cosy. I made up the pattern as I went along, I'm rather pleased with my efforts! 

My parents have a love of teapots too, but as far a I remember they were going to give this gorgeous plan red one to charity, but that wasn't going to happen with me around!
I made up this pattern too, with some cotton yarn I had left over from another project. I m really pleased with it! I wasn't sure about the over sized Pom Pom at first but a few people have associated it with my Afro, loving that link so it's staying!

I'm aiming to make a cosy for all my teapots, of which there are rather a lot! I hope to write up the patterns and share them with you!

Weeks 11-15

Oh the shame! The host of The Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 failing to update on my progress for five, yes five weeks?! Tut tut! Please forgive me, it's been a pretty full on time for my family and I lately. But now is the time to share where I'm up to! Here it goes...

Week 11
Day 71: Lilac. Farm/soft play with Anna, Katie and 6 kids!
Day 72: Dark green. Mixed emotions. Nice day with Mum, but lots of house stress.
Day 73: Light pink. Proud of Big Pips cycling and Little Pips signing. :)
Day 74: Light blue. Weirdest house viewing ever! Yummy dinner at my parents.
Day 75: Bold pink. Fantastic carefree day at The Knitting and Stitching Show!
Day 76: Mustard. Some hope house wise??!?
Day 77: Light pink. 5 years since my Step Mum died today. Feeling strange.

Week 12
Day 78: Light blue. Nice afternoon with Lu and Toby. Offer has been accepted on a maisonette, meh. 
Day 79: Lilac. The Pips were stars whilst having a lovely lunch with Jaz, Karin and Leon!
Day 80: Light pink. Proud of how well Big Pip is doing with her balance bike.
Day 81: Dark green. Yummy roast at my parents. But Big Pip ended up having a temperature :(
Day 82: Light green. Lovely afternoon with the family in St Albans, though Big Pip had another temp in the evening :(
Day 83: Bold pink. The Pips are still poorly. But I did well with my solo & I have the part, wahoo!!
Day 84: Dark blue. The Pips are still poorly, feel terrible for them, their coughs are getting them down. We had a fun crafting day though.
Week 13
85: Mustard. Meh. Cabin fever, bugs be gone!!!
86: Light green. Phew, finally got out of the house.
87: Light grey. Sick of house stuff. Found one I love, but it's too far away :'(
88: Light pink. Lay in, brekkie in bed, offer accepted on a house and amazing family day at Hatfield House :)
89: Light blue. A chilled Mother's Day, lovely. 
90: Light pink. Nice day. Big Pip back at nursery and loved it, Little Pip and I mooched around charity shops. Great choir practise.
91: Light green. An impromptu picnic with The Pips, perfect!

Week 14
92: Lilac. Enna did great at her nursery sports fundraiser. Fun with Anna and co at the farm/soft play.
93: Light blue. Calm day at my parents.
94: Turquoise. Amazing day!! Seeing Jaz, afternoon tea at Bakeaboo (which I won through IG), Jaz announcing she's engaged and the possibility of going to Thailand with her!!! 
95: Light pink. Hubs and I went out for Jasmin's birthday :)
96: Bold pink. I sang at the Royal Festival Hall with my choir!! Solo and all!!!
97: Light grey. Pips ill again!!! :s Big Pip sick in Julie's car and she accidentally head butted me, she's fine, but I have a  fat lip :/
98: Lilac. Hatfield house with Lu and Toby and did a great performance with my choir in West Hampstead.

Week 15
99: Light grey. Feel like a bad Mumma today :(

100: Dark grey. One hundred days in!!! But I have a migraine :'(
101: Spring green. Tough day Pips wise, but nice little walk in Shenley park.

102: Gold. (mustard). Two year crochetversary! 
103: Light pink. Another day, another park. Tried the new coffee shop in my local park, love!!
104: Light blue. Back to the coffee shop, this time with parents. Bumped into Anna and co. 
105: Lilac. Amazing time with Anna and kids, new tea rooms and park. 

Thursday 17 April 2014

Interview with Natalie Schwarz.

I'm actually embarrassed about how long it has taken me to share this FANTASTIC interview with you all! I've been very busy this last month, sorry! Natalie has been oh so patient about my lack of blogger action (thank you, thank you, thank you)!
Anyway, lets settle down and read all about the star that is, Natalie Schwarz:

Where are you from?
Melbourne, Australia

How long have you been crocheting/knitting for & how did you learn?
I started to learn to crochet at the end of December 2013, I week before my 30th birthday...  I have always wanted to learn how to crochet, and have had many many failed attempts over the years.  And it was definitely something on my huge long ‘before I turn 30 bucket list’ haha.  So one night I was watching TV and saw a commercial for a 'learn to knit' magazine.  The next day I went to the yarn store, bought a hook and some yarn, went home and spent the whole night trying over and over and over to try to crochet.  Countless cups of coffee, and numerous you tube videos later, at 2am it finally clicked and I had completed about 20 rows of single crochet.  I was beyond excited!  And from there I started exploring the wonderful world of crochet.  And ticked something off my list before I turned 30!

Do you have skills in any other crafts?
I love to cross stitch as well.  My mum taught me when I was about 12 years old.  I can also use a sewing machine... well I can thread the sewing machine.. and sew a straight line haha!

Is there anything you particularly like making?
I have made socks, and scarves, and baby booties so far.. but it’s the blankets I seem to love crocheting the most!! I think with making a blanket because it is a larger project I can zone out.  I would love to learn how to crochet amigurumi animals one day too, they look cute.
Tell us about your mood blanket.
Which project are you doing, the 365 or 52?
365, so a square a day.. well I am trying to at least.. honestly its probably more like 3 one day and 2 another day for the week.

What colours are you using and why? Are you following a colour mood chart or are you picking the colour you're drawn to each day/week?
I am using brightly coloured yarn, its really bright actually.. and I made sure to try to get a shade from every colour in the rainbow... so I have 7 colours in total, and I will join the blanket with white yarn.  I don’t have a chart for different moods.. I just pick up a colour that I like that day. 

What makes it different from the other mood blankets you've seen?
I think the bright colours I have chosen and the flower pattern make mine a little different.  I fell in love with making the little flowers, and thought it would be beautiful to have a finished blanket that looked like a bright garden.

Did you plan it this way from the start or has there been any changes?
Hahahaha no.  There were so many changes in the beginning!! I came across the mood blanket on instagram about half way through January.  I kept seeing posts with the hashtag “#crochetmoodblanket2014” and all these beautiful granny squares and striped blankets.  I became very curious and found the mood blanket group on facebook and asked to join.  Such a lovely supportive group of people!! My first post to the group was asking if it was too late to join as it was getting towards the end of the first month and I hadn’t even started.  I was overwhelmed by the lovely messages and support I received back.  Messages urging me to start, and that it’s never too late, and even people saying they can’t wait to see my work.  I was so excited!

I decided on the bright colours straight away.  I went and bought the yarn the next day.  But the blanket itself... well my first idea was based on the idea that I am new to crochet so I would do a different style of square every day, so I can learn a new pattern as I go.. well that started to become completely overwhelming!! I couldn’t read patterns, and I was getting frustrated at having to unravel square after square, so that idea failed. 

Next was doing just a plain simple granny square each day in my mood colour but then I discovered (with some maths) that my blanket would end up being bigger than my living room when I finished.. so that idea was scrapped.

Then finally, I was watching a you tube video on making these little flowers.  And so I gave it a go, completely thinking this is way over my head and there was no way I could make a flower.  But I did it!! I was so proud and happy that I kept trying.  And that’s when I decided on doing these little flowers for my granny squares each day.  And my maths now tells me I should have a single bed blanket by the end... fingers crossed!!

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
I was in a car accident about 8 years ago, which resulted in a bad injury to my back.  Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done to fix it, I live in chronic pain, and am unable to work.  But now that I have found this hobby I have found a way to deal with the pain.  It’s given me something to keep me occupied, and opened me up to a community of such lovely supportive people, especially on instagram.  Every time I get a comment or like, or a new follower, I am amazed that people are enjoying my little hobby.  Oh and making gifts for people - especially seeing a little baby wrapped in a blanket that I can remember doing every single stitch for, it’s a wonderful feeling.  Before I started I was feeling down and a little lost. Plus because I couldn’t work I felt like I wasn’t contributing anything.  Even though I do the housework, cooking, shopping, never ending washing etc haha I still wasn’t feeling like I had a skill, or something that fulfilled me.  Because let’s face it, I don’t know gets excited about cleaning the bathroom again.  But now I feel like I am accomplishing something, and that I have a special skill too.  It’s so much fun, and I am loving learning new projects. I can even decipher patterns now, which was a huge milestone for me!

I want to thank Stacey for this amazing mood blanket project!!  Stacey has inspired me to develop me crochet, and given me a little ray of sunshine in every single day.  I cannot wait to sit down and work on my mood blanket and my crochet! The anticipation of watching the mood blanket grow, day by day, then month by month is exciting.  I cannot wait to see my blanket finished.  I hope to keep it for a very long time.  I can’t wait to one day be able to show my kids and say your mum made that... and you can do that too, let me show you.

My mum is also my inspiration.  I grew up with mum always being crafty, there was a huge cupboard filled with fabric and buttons and yarn, and projects on the table, and a sewing machine.. I can remember the smell of the fabric, and the buzz of the machine.  And seeing all these things being created.. I was always in awe.  And mum always let me join in too.  She taught me how to use the machine, and let me play with all her crafty things. Now I cringe thinking how many of mums projects I probably ruined, or how much of her expensive supplies I wasted making kiddie things.  But mum seemed to love letting me play and explore, and I cherish that. I hope to one day pass this on to my kids too, these memories.

Natalie can I just say thank you again for your patience and wonderful wonderful interview! I love seeing your progress, my day is also brighter seeing it pop up in my IG feed! :) I'm glad you've found something that you can focus on and feel so so positive about. Knowing I'm a small part in that is heartwarming!

Right lovelies, I WILL update my blanket info soon, I promise!

Saturday 12 April 2014


2 years ago today I picked up a hook for the first time (the picture in the centre was what I made). Little did I know back then that I was about to be welcomed into this incredible crafting community! Today I'd like to say thank you to you!! You lot are very inspiring and keep me motivated!
Care to share how long you've been crocheting for?