Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Week 6 already??

Wow, I'm so pleased that we're 6 weeks in and the project is still running smoothly! I'm loving the way my blanket is coming together, though I can't stop looking at where I have the same shades next to each other!! So far I have two dark blues and two dark greys on top of each other... I'm hoping that once the blanket gets a bit bigger it won't bother me as much.

Day 36: Bold pink. (This will be the block I'll use for our birthdays). It's my gorgeous Little Pips 1st birthday today! When did she grow so big?? 
We met the lovely Claire and Millie for tea and a chat, wonderful!

New row! The rest of this week was mostly spent looking after my Poorly Pips :( We spent a lot of our time going to the docs, walk in centre and A&E so won't bore you with the details!

Day 37: Mustard. A roller coaster day, poorly Pips, but happy emails!
Day 38: Dark grey. Poorly Pips, one good thing, my bow ties were in Gathered by Mollie Makes today!! Sadly it's the last one they'll be publishing.
Day 39: Light pink. I have the best Hubs ever! Doing tons whist Pips are poorly. We had to cancel Little Pips party :(
Day 40: Dark green. Hospitals etc, Hubs being a star.
Day 41: Light blue. Hubs at home, full on day.
Day 42: Dark blue. Absolutely shattered, where's my bed?

How are you recording your moods? Are you using particular blocks for special days?


  1. I think when your blanket gets bigger, the two colours next to each other wont seem so noticeable when surrounded by lots of pretty colours :) I hope Pips is ok, thinking of her!!x

    1. I think so too! At least I hope so!
      The Pips are on the mend thank you, it's been a very tough week though. :/
      Thank you Hazel! xx

  2. Yours is looking lovely! Cannot believe we are so far into the year already!!

    1. It has gone super fast hasn't it! It's crazy! And thank you xxx

  3. It's looking wonderful! I have to admit I had to fudge mood colours slightly as I could not bring myself to have matching blocks together. I think yours works well as you have the white border to create a bit of space. It is a fascinating project. :)

    1. I'm really glad you're enjoying it! I am for sure! I was tempted to do the same as you, I really had to fight with myself! I think if I didn't have a border I'd have to alter my choices xxx