Saturday, 1 March 2014


Well... kind of!

My very first attempts of creating with yarn was actually when I tried to learn to knit about ten years ago. I managed to fumble a few scarves together, but I never really 'got it'. I used to get rather frustrated with dropping stitches and ending up with a lopsided make, so I sadly put my knitting needles to one side. 

(I think I made this in my late teens)

About eight years later I learnt how to crochet, which seemed to come more naturally to me, that or maybe I was just more determined! But I still have a desire to learn how to knit, especially now that I'm more involved in the craft world and I've seen some incredible knitted items! That and the fact my Nan was a knitter. I think it would be nice to carry on my Nans craft and hopefully teach The Pips one day. My Mum can knit, but she's only ever knitted one thing, a jumper for me, which I wouldn't wear, oh the guilt! I was only three mind!

(Big Pip two years ago wearing the jumper my Mum made for me back in 1986)

I feel that crochet will always be my number one yarn craft, though I'm hoping knitting will come in as a close second! It's still early days, I've been doing little swatches to see what's what & the other day for the first time I managed to purl! Wahoo! It's not great, but I'm mighty proud of myself! 

(This was my first attempt to knit one, purl one)

My aim is to make the lovely Suzie Johnson's love bite cowl. Hopefully I'm not too far off!

Well as I'm writing about other yarn makes, I thought I'd show you a few other things I've made that weren't crocheted:

The two on the left were finger knitted, top right was loom knitted and bottom right was arm knitted. What do you think?!

Care to share your yarn makes? I'd love to see!


  1. I totally relate to this post! Knitting as eluded me for years. I see so many gorgeous knitted things - and I want to make the things - but KNITTING! Yikes! My babies are in college now, and they are good crocheters. At Christmas, Thing Two came home and confessed - as if it were a dirty little secret - that she is a knitter. She is making gorgeous things. So I tried again. This time, I picked up some circular needles. For some reason, I found them much easier to work with. I made a small project - but I've got to admit - I did the border in crochet. I will always be a hooker at heart.

    1. I giggled all the way through your comment! Love this, 'Thing Two came home and confessed..that she is a knitter' So funny! Big Pip keeps saying she want to knit... where she's got that from I have no idea as she's never seen anyone knit!
      And circular needles?!? They completely baffle me! I wouldn't even know where to start! Well done you!
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Stacey, I love the cowls you made. They are all very pretty. My fav is the finger knit one you are wearing in the top left pic. Awesome job.

    1. Thank you Leslie! I'd like to make a few more things by finger knitting, it's so fast! Will have to have a think!
      Thanks again!