Sunday, 20 April 2014

Weeks 11-15

Oh the shame! The host of The Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 failing to update on my progress for five, yes five weeks?! Tut tut! Please forgive me, it's been a pretty full on time for my family and I lately. But now is the time to share where I'm up to! Here it goes...

Week 11
Day 71: Lilac. Farm/soft play with Anna, Katie and 6 kids!
Day 72: Dark green. Mixed emotions. Nice day with Mum, but lots of house stress.
Day 73: Light pink. Proud of Big Pips cycling and Little Pips signing. :)
Day 74: Light blue. Weirdest house viewing ever! Yummy dinner at my parents.
Day 75: Bold pink. Fantastic carefree day at The Knitting and Stitching Show!
Day 76: Mustard. Some hope house wise??!?
Day 77: Light pink. 5 years since my Step Mum died today. Feeling strange.

Week 12
Day 78: Light blue. Nice afternoon with Lu and Toby. Offer has been accepted on a maisonette, meh. 
Day 79: Lilac. The Pips were stars whilst having a lovely lunch with Jaz, Karin and Leon!
Day 80: Light pink. Proud of how well Big Pip is doing with her balance bike.
Day 81: Dark green. Yummy roast at my parents. But Big Pip ended up having a temperature :(
Day 82: Light green. Lovely afternoon with the family in St Albans, though Big Pip had another temp in the evening :(
Day 83: Bold pink. The Pips are still poorly. But I did well with my solo & I have the part, wahoo!!
Day 84: Dark blue. The Pips are still poorly, feel terrible for them, their coughs are getting them down. We had a fun crafting day though.
Week 13
85: Mustard. Meh. Cabin fever, bugs be gone!!!
86: Light green. Phew, finally got out of the house.
87: Light grey. Sick of house stuff. Found one I love, but it's too far away :'(
88: Light pink. Lay in, brekkie in bed, offer accepted on a house and amazing family day at Hatfield House :)
89: Light blue. A chilled Mother's Day, lovely. 
90: Light pink. Nice day. Big Pip back at nursery and loved it, Little Pip and I mooched around charity shops. Great choir practise.
91: Light green. An impromptu picnic with The Pips, perfect!

Week 14
92: Lilac. Enna did great at her nursery sports fundraiser. Fun with Anna and co at the farm/soft play.
93: Light blue. Calm day at my parents.
94: Turquoise. Amazing day!! Seeing Jaz, afternoon tea at Bakeaboo (which I won through IG), Jaz announcing she's engaged and the possibility of going to Thailand with her!!! 
95: Light pink. Hubs and I went out for Jasmin's birthday :)
96: Bold pink. I sang at the Royal Festival Hall with my choir!! Solo and all!!!
97: Light grey. Pips ill again!!! :s Big Pip sick in Julie's car and she accidentally head butted me, she's fine, but I have a  fat lip :/
98: Lilac. Hatfield house with Lu and Toby and did a great performance with my choir in West Hampstead.

Week 15
99: Light grey. Feel like a bad Mumma today :(

100: Dark grey. One hundred days in!!! But I have a migraine :'(
101: Spring green. Tough day Pips wise, but nice little walk in Shenley park.

102: Gold. (mustard). Two year crochetversary! 
103: Light pink. Another day, another park. Tried the new coffee shop in my local park, love!!
104: Light blue. Back to the coffee shop, this time with parents. Bumped into Anna and co. 
105: Lilac. Amazing time with Anna and kids, new tea rooms and park. 

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