Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Week 4.

I'm so pleased I'm keeping up to date! I was rather worried that I'd slip behind, but so far so good! How about you?
So here are my latest blocks...

Day 22: Lilac. Today I met baby Toby! What a cute little bundle he is! I can't wait for more cuddles! I also saw my good friends Anna and Leah in the evening (that's right... I went out)!! A really fabulous day.
Day 23:Dark blue. Feeling oh so tired today. But I did something rather amazing.. I sang with the BBC concert Orchestra and BBC singers (with hundreds of other people, but who's counting)! What an experience! And that's another night out for me! Crazy!
Day 24: Dark green. A bit of a blugh day. I'm not sure why, probably exhausted.
Day 25: Light pink. We took both sets of parents and The Pips to see the maisonette today and they all loved it, including The Pips. I can't wait to move in!
Day 26: Light Blue. Had a productive day, feeling positive.
Day 27: Bold pink. Feeling really proud of myself! Inside Crochet interviewed me about this project and it's now up on their blog, how amazing is that!
Day 28: Light grey. It's been one of those days. We had hardly any sleep and The Pips were being rather cheeky. But on a good note, my best friend Jasmin is home safe from travelling around Thailand, wahoo! 

How's your project going? Is it turning out differently to how you were expecting?

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