Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Moods so far...

If you follow me on instagram (@frofunky), you'll know that I have started and stopped my project from the get go! Firstly because at the very last minute I decided to change my colours and rather impatiently waited for my new yarn, which luckily came super speedily! And secondly because I realised my squares were too small (must measure next time, tut tut). I want my blanket to fit our king sized bed so now my blocks are 10cmx10cm.

Anyway, I thought it was about time I opened up and shared my daily moods! For my 365 project I haven't assigned moods to colours, so just picking the colour I'm drawn to each day. Here it goes...
Day 1: Light pink. Feeling lucky to have such a caring and loving family! Been rather poorly today and         everyone is being great!
Day 2: Dark green. A bit down today as Hubs is back at work, boo!! I forgot how hard it is looking after The Pips on my own!
Day 3: Light grey Blugh! A grey rainy day and The Pips are being trouble makers!!!
Day 4: Light blue. I'm excited and scared!!! We put an offer in on a maisonette!
Day 5: Dark blue. Fed up. Big Pip is being very challenging and the car wont start,grr!
Day 6: Bold pink. Trying to be hopeful about finding a new home. The first maisonette has been pulled off the market.
Day 7: Lilac. Feeling content after seeing a friend. Big Pip had a great first day back at nursery.
(are you snoring yet)?!

Day 8: Mustard. Excited and concerned. We've put another offer in on a maisonette. It's so pretty! Feeling sick with excitment!
Day 9: Turquoise. Absolutely exstatic!! Our offer has been accepted!
Day 10: Bold pink. Overwhelmed! A top magazine has contacted me about doing an interview about the mood blanket!
Day 11: Light blue. Though excited and yet nervous about all the goings on, today my main mood has been content. Had a lovely swim with Little Pip and the sky was blue.
Day 12: Dark green. A bit disappointing. Seems the maisonette may be out of the catchment area for the best school, boo!
Day 13: Light pink. Feeling very proud of Big Pip today! She had lunch at nursery for the first time and loved it!
Day 14: Light grey. A bit of a boring day.

Will upload the next 7 blocks on ASAP!


  1. That's a brilliant week! How great about the house! That's my dream! I am so happy for you! fingers crossed re the school :-)

    1. Thanx lovely! I wish it were a house, but its a ground floor maisonette! It'll make such a difference for us though!

  2. Your squares are looking good and congratulations on the house.
    Sally xxx

  3. Yay for the house!! I know you are soo excited. Your squares are looking lovely!

    1. I'm really excited! I can't wait for my girls to have more space! Thank you! X