Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Interview with Sarah Palmer...

I don't know about you, but I love seeing everyone's amazing blocks and the progress being made with their Crochet Mood Blanket! I thought it would be a nice idea to interview some of the people taking part in the project. The oh so lovely Sarah Palmer (@shemakesthings on Instagram) is getting the ball rolling for us! So go grab a cuppa and enjoy!


How long have you been crocheting?
I've been crocheting since the summer of 2008, I've always loved crafts and tried many things including cross stitch, latch hook and I was an avid scrapbooker, but one day I declared to my hubby that I was going to try and teach myself crochet, he of course rolled his eyes and said 'something else to clutter the house up with!'
Armed with a cheap ball of yarn, a hook, my laptop and lots of coffee I sat at the kitchen table and watched lots of tutorials on You Tube. 
After 2 days and lots of cursing I managed to get a foundation chain that didn't resemble something the kids had made and then came learning the stitches. I actually found those easier than making the chain!I jumped in with both feet and the first thing I made was a cardigan for one of my girls, I didn't actually make a granny square for about a year after I learnt to crochet.


Is there anything in particular you like to make?
I like making amigurumi items, I've made lots of things ranging from a cactus to a robot.
My favourite thing to crochet is blankets and I'm slowly getting around to making each of my 5 children one.


Do you have any other hobbies/skills?
If anyone knows me or follows me on Instagram they'll know as well as being a crocheter i'm also a knit addict, I think I love knitting more than crochet *GASP*
I'm also doing Project Life for the 2nd time, which means I get to play with pretty paper, stamps and embellishments again while taking photos and documenting our life as a family.


Tell us about your mood blanket!
I'm doing the full on 365 (what was I thinking LOL) The colours I've chosen are some of my favourites and I'm using Stylecraft Special craft dk in 'Parchment' for the edging as I really wanted a change from using cream. My colours reflect the moods that I'm in most of the time, they range from happy to feeling creative. I'm being strict with myself about using the same colours next to each other if my mood happens to be the same a couple of days in a row, my OCD is telling me to put a different colour in between them though but I have to keep telling myself 'It wouldn't be a true mood blanket if you were to do that' 
After nearly completing the month of January, I've surprised myself with the lack of dark grey in there..... I thought I was a lot more stressed/annoyed than I actually am, which is always a good thing. And if you happen to see a cream in there you'll know I was in an ' whack hubby over the head with a shovel' mood AKA hormonal !
I'm using the 'Hexagon How To' pattern from the lovely Lucy from Attic24. The size I'm doing is 18x20 which equals 360 then I shall do 5 border rows, fingers crossed it'll be big enough for my bed.
When I first saw the 'Crochet Mood Blanket' idea all over IG, I was just going to do a normal granny square in one colour but then I saw the 'Retro Circle' square and changed my mind, I did a couple of those and thought 'they take too long to do one so changed my mind yet again!
I finally decided on the hexagon the day before the blanket CAL was due to start and I'm glad I did, they only take me about 10 minutes to make one, so quick enough to make just before I go to bed and if I fall behind and have to play catch up.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
I'm loving the 'crochetmoodblanket2014' hashtag, there are so many gorgeous shapes being made, there are some very very talented people out there with fabulous imaginations and I for one can not wait until January 1st 2015 to see all of these blankets finished so I can swoon over them but what I'll probably being doing is thinking ' why didn't I do mine like that !!'

Thank you Sarah for a fabulous interview! It's been great finding out more about you and your crafting background.
You can find Sarah on her Instagram page @shemakesthings and she also has an Etsy shop where she makes knit and crochet items to order, pop to her profile for more information.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next interview coming soon, you never know, I may ask you next!