Friday, 28 February 2014

Blocks 57 & 58, plus a little thank you :)

I couldn't wait till next week to talk about these two blocks! 

(Please excuse Little Pips cheeky hands, sometimes it's impossible to take pictures in this house)!

For day 57,  I've used gold (well, I normally call it mustard, but for this instance, it's gold)! It's to represent the fact that we hit 5,000 members in our Facebook group the other day... 5,000!! I'm really in shock about that, and so so pleased! Thank you all for joining and a HUGE thank you to Hannah Yeates for convincing me it would be a good idea to start a group. And for actually setting it all up! And to Frankee Breakenridge for helping with all the admin stuff! You two are the best! There'd be no group without the pair of you! 
Yesterday's block, day 58, is slightly different as it was our four year wedding anniversary. Four mini squares to represent each year :) what do you think? Subtle, but making its mark. I can't believe all the things we've done in the past four years, no wonder we're tired, ha ha! 

Happy days!

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