Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Week 8!

Another week in the bag fellow mood blanket creators, how exciting! Not only that, but yesterday we reached 5,000 followers in our Facebook group!  How wonderful is that! Thank you everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your projects as much as I am!

My happy rainbow :)

So here's this weeks blocks...

Day 50: Bold pink. Productive and positive! Lovely morning with The Pips, we went shopping and to the park, wonderful.
Day 51: Mustard. Getting rather stressed about house stuff. 
Day 52: Dark blue. Painfully tired.
Day 53: Bright green. Spring is in the air. And a family treat, Frankie and Benny's lunch, scrummy!
Day 54: Lilac. A wonderful afternoon with one of my besties, Anna. Vintage cups and saucers, plus delicious afternoon tea. Who could ask for more?! 

Row 4
Day 55: Light blue. Focusing on the morning as that was the good part of the day... A beautiful blue sky and a chance to practice my knitting!
Day 56: Dark blue. Bad day, lots of stress, yuk.

I can't believe I have three row completed already! How are your projects going? and what lay out did you choose?


  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with this project...I love following your blog and all the pics on FB and IG!!

    1. Thank you Jenn! It's good fun isn't it?! I'm finding the facebook group and IG hashtag so inspiring! Thank you for your lovely comment :) x

  2. I just found this amazing crochet-along and was wondering if maybe I could join in... even though it's nearly March. Is that allowed?
    Sally :-)

    1. Of course you can Sally! Please do, you're very welcome :) x