Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Week 5!

Week 5 is here! Oh I'm loving this project sooo much! Hope you are too!?

Day 29: Mustard. A nice morning seeing Anna and her new bunny, but generally a hormonal day :(
Day 30: Light grey. Another tough day :( would've been a dark grey day, but I have the best Mum ever! She came and helped me out, I'm thankful!
Day 31: Light green. Jasmin's home!!! Yay! We saw her today, made me so happy, missed her so much!
Day 32: Lilac. New month! Happy post and a chilled yarn filled day, wonderful.
Day 33: Light blue. We had another productive Sunday and a nice family day.
Day 34: Bold pink. Rather proud of myself! I was brave and tried out for a solo in choir!
Day 35: Light green. I got another chance to see Lucy, Rob and Toby, lovely :)

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