Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Interview with Denise Dye.

Here's the next interview with another lovely crocheter, Denise Dye (@chocolategirl64 on instagram), who is also taking part in the crochet mood blanket project. I'm in love with her creation and have told her that I will happily give it a home once finished, hee hee! So here we go...


How long have you been crocheting for & how did you learn?
My Mama taught me to crochet when I was in my teens but then there was a huge gap when I didn't go near a hook! Then one day I was sorting through my sewing box and found some old hooks I'd inherited from my late Mother-in-Law. Crochet is like riding a bicycle, you never forget.

Is there anything you particularly like making?
I love making things for other people. Blankets for my sisters, cushion covers for friends and a University blanket for my daughter Liberty. I recently made bright coloured doilies for my cake making friend Cheryll. This month I used up some of my wool stash on Granny squares for Nicola at Warm Heart Crochetshe makes them into blankets for charity. Sharing crochet is the best thing!

Do you have skills in any other crafts?
Goodness how long have you got! I've been a dressmaker, stained glass maker, picture framer, Interior Design lecturer & visiting artist in schools. Film photography is something I enjoy and give me a piece of paper and I'll fold it into a little origami delight. I am very lucky to have so may creative people around me that if I want to try any thing new, like me, they are happy to share their skills and craft.


Tell us about your mood blanket!
Which project are you doing, the 365 or 52?
I'm sort of doing the 365 but I doubt it will go on that long! After making so many grannies recently I decided to crochet a sample stitch blanket instead. If I carry on for that long it will be the size of a football pitch!

What colours are you using and why? Are you following a colour mood chart or are you picking the colour you're drawn to each day/week?
Yes, I pick the colour that best sums up my day or something that I have been thinking about.
I'm using Stylecraft wool as they have such a fantastic palette.


What pattern have you gone for?
I've been asked this lots on Instagram ~ it's from an old crochet book that my Mama found in a charity shop. The book is called Afghans for Every Season and the pattern is Stitch Sampler.

Have you made any changes? If so, why and what did you do originally?
I have altered the rows slightly by either not changing colour when the pattern advises, or changing colour sooner. I've also added a a few rows of stitches to make the blanket larger.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
The range of different styles and patterns from people taking part in CrochetMoodBlanket2014 is amazing!
It has such a community spirit ~ warm comments, swapping of patterns and techniques ~ all sharing the granny love. Looks like I'll be starting a new blanket after this one trying out all those new found squares.
Thank you for bringing this brilliant project to us :-)

Thank you Dee! I love how you were inspired to start crocheting again once you found your late Mother in laws hooks. How amazing is it that your mum found such an amazing book with this scrummy pattern in. Family inspired! 
To find out more about the lovely Dee, head over to her blog!

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