Sunday, 2 February 2014

January complete!

Within a blink of an eye we've completed our first month, wahoo! How exciting!

So have your blocks surprised you in any way? I'm rather pleased to see that I'm not as moody as I thought I was! Nearly everyday there's been something positive to focus on. I've also found out that PMT affects me more than I realised!! Uh-oh!

Feel like sharing any surprises you've had so far whilst creating your mood blanket?


  1. I think doing this mood blanket lets us try and focus more on the positive things each time we make a square, so that its not all doom and gloom....unless you just have an utterly horrible day. Your squares are looking awesome so far Stacey!

    1. Thank you! I'm pleased with it so far!
      I totally agree Hazel! It surprised me that on most days I could find a positive! Sometimes I go to bed thinking that I had a rubbish day, but now I can look back and see at least a wee bit of good in each day!