Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Week 7

It's going to be a brief one today lovelies! Week 7. Nearly 50 days in! I'm thinking we should all do something special on day 100... Ponder ponder...

Day 43: Light grey. Cabin fever!!!
Day 44: Light green. Finally out of the house and spring is in the air!
Day 45: Mustard. Generally an annoying day.
Day 46: Lilac. Poppy's party! What a lovely day. And out in the evening for my cousins 30th for cocktails, wonderful.
Day 47: Light pink. Another lovely chilled Sunday with the family and yarn!
Day 48: Dark green. A bit of a blugh day. Mud, tears (not mine), and ruined boots (mine)!
Day 49: Light blue. Nice time with Juls and The Pips at Aldenham country park, rather wet though.

So what do you think about doing something special for day 100? Maybe a bit of yarn bombing?? Any other ideas??


  1. What a fun project! It is very pretty. Hey, just a heads up, the link to your facebook group page on the sidebar doesn't redirect right.

    1. Thank you! ☺ I'm loving it! And thank you for the heads up, will take a look at that today! X