Thursday, 20 February 2014

Happiness is heart shaped.

As I said before, I love hearts! Big Pip seeks them out everywhere just so she can say 'look mummy, a heart for you!' Cutey!

Anyway, a while back I was approached by the Marvelous Monica to do an interview for her blog about the mood blanket (which you can read here), of course I said yes! Well, whilst having a nose though Monica's pictures on IG and her blog I came across a super cute heart pillow that she'd designed! I just had to make one! There's now lots of these beauties in people's homes! Lovely!

I made this one for Big Pip to go with her blanket, so I used the same six colours to create it.
I left the heart downstairs for her to discover when she woke up, which she did before I had even opened my eyes properly! She was carrying it around saying 'I reallllllly like your crochet Mummy!' She was so pleased when I said the heart was for her, she was beaming from ear to ear :)

I'm thinking I'll have to make some more to go on my bed now, I'll let you know :) 
If you fancy making one, head over to Monica's brill blog!

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