Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Week 10.

10 weeks in!! 70 blocks complete! What a massive achievement! I'm feeling very proud of us all!
So onto this weeks block... I'm afraid it's a bit of a roller coaster, hold on tight...

Day 64: Light pink. Finally starting to feel better.
Day 65: Light grey. This house stuck is driving me crazy!! Just want to move in already!!
Day 66: Bold pink. Little Pip took her first steps today! We were at her sing and sign class, she took about seven steps! So proud of my baby :) I think she knew I next some cheering up! It was lovely actually as everyone cheered whilst I sobbed, so emotional!
Day 67: Dark blue. So the vendors of the property we were just about to exchange on have pulled out and put the property back on the market. I can't tell you how hard it's hit us. Already we're out of the market for the areas we want to be in. Totally heart broken and have know idea what we'll do know. So we're still in our shoebox one bed place with the four of us living in it. :( The only reason I picked dark blue instead of dark grey was because it was a sunny day.
Day 68: Light blue. Beautiful sunny day spent at my in-laws. 
Day 69: Lilac. Trying my best to stay optimistic. Firstly, that we will actually find a home and secondly, that my mums eye operation will give her some sight back. It's her forth graft and I think fifth op, all on the same eye. 
Day 70: Mustard. Feeling rather depressed about all this house stuff. I just can't see a way around it, we're really stuck :'(

Sorry I've left you with another downer week :/ I don't know about you, but I'm going to go pop the kettle on after that!

We're only 30 days away from 100... How will we celebrate?!?!? I think we should mark it in some way, any ideas will be very much welcomed!


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  1. You have indeed had a very up and down week, but at least it is not all down!! Amazing moment when Little Pip took her first steps yay!! Your blanket is looking absolutely stunning so far, can't believe we have come 10 weeks so far!!