Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Week 9.

You may have seen my first two blocks already, as I couldn't resist telling you about them last week! I'll recap anyway...

Day 57: Gold (I know, it's mustard, but for today its' gold). There's now 5,000 members over on the mood blanket Facebook group ! Incredible, thank you!
Day 58: Turquoise. It's our four year wedding anniversary today! So I made a block with four mini squares to represent each year.

Day 59: Bold pink. A lovely afternoon with my bestie Jasmin, plus myself and the mood blanket project got a mention in this months Inside Crochet, amazing!!
Day 60: Light pink, first of March. Feeling blugh. Not feeling that great about myself today.
Day 61: Light green. Still not great, but had a nice family swim.
Day 62: Light grey. Rubbish day.
Day 63: Dark green. Really nice to see Lucy, Katie and the kiddies, but still not great.

Hmm.. a bit of a downer week... Sorry about that! Hopefully next week will be more cheery! How's your week been?


  1. Oh I love what you have done with your anniversary square, its a very cute idea. Wow 5000 people....that is a bit insane :D truly has went viral!!! Hope you have a better week next week!!

    1. Thanx lovely! My anniversary square is my fav! I still can't get my head around the 5,000 people, in face it's more like 5,200 now... it's nuts! How's your project going?! Actually, don't tell me, will head over to your blog and see for myself :) xxx

  2. wow it's looking colourful and good :-)