Thursday, 6 March 2014

Interview with Debbie Kiddle.

I'm really excited about this next interview, as it's with the lovely Debbie Kiddle (@thesolitarymagpie on IG)! I love looking through Debbie's pictures, as she makes thee most stunning creations! And she's one of the handful of knitters participating in the mood blanket CAL. Anyway, I'll let Debbie tell you more...

Where are you from?
I am originally from East London. But have lived in Essex most of my life.

How long have you been knitting for & how did you learn?
I was taught the basics of knitting at school. But never knitted anything more than a square for years. In later life, under the guidance of my very patient late Mum, I begun to make basic tea cosies in stocking stitch. I never really had the patience to knit the flowers and leaves, that was always my Mums department(although she did teach me how to make them). I only really got into knitting again after posting a photo of one of my Mums tea cosies on IG, which I think was around 4/5 months ago. People seemed to like the tea cosy, so I thought I would have a go at making the whole thing. Much of it was trial and error as I didn't have a pattern for the flowers. Much of what I knit is made up as I go along. I am not good at following a pattern…. if it has too many abbreviations, I won't even try it !!!!! :) 

Do you have skills in any other crafts?
I am ok on a sewing machine, I can make cushion covers, bunting,simple things like that. I can cross stitch and embroider.
And as I live by the sea, I sometimes make little boats from driftwood I have found on the beach and decorate them with fabric sails. I also make fabric brooches using vintage fabric and buttons. I have also made toy dogs.But haven't had time for any of the above lately, most of my spare time is taken up with knitting :)

Is there anything you particularly like making?
I do like making tea cosies, but I would really like to find some time to make a few of my fabric brooches. I would also like to learn to crochet….. 

Tell us about your mood blanket.

Which project are you doing, the 365 or 52?
I am doing one a square a week. 

What colours are you using and why? Are you following a colour mood chart or are you picking the colour you're drawn to each day/week?
Colours...I am not really following the mood chart. I am really just inspired by what I see around me, I like to use colours that make me happy. The subject matter on the square is always inspired by something I have seen, a thought or a memory.

What makes it different from the other mood blankets you've seen?
What makes it different…… hmm, I suppose because its one of the few knitted blankets. I was really pleased when I found out knitters were included in this project :)

How are you laying it out?
I am not sure how I am going to lay it out yet…… some squares are bigger than others, so thats something I will have to work on when I start to put it together !!!!! I have an idea of how I want it to look !!!!

Did you plan it this way from the start or has there been any changes?
I was just going to knit a different coloured square each week, but I thought it might look a bit ordinary. There are so many lovely crochet designs out there, so I decided to add a little something to each square to add a bit of interest !!! And I am really enjoying making it, so thank you for including 'knitters' :)

No no, thank you Debbie for taking the time to tell us more about you and your project!! I've loved hearing more about you and your makes! Your tea cosies are one of the reasons I'm determined to master knitting!
If you're not following Debbie on instagram yet... why not?? :) you really should be! Her images are just so beautiful, you'll feel all warm and cosy whilst looking at them! All the floral's and colours will leave you grinning from ear to ear! Here's the link! 


  1. Oh what a lovely interview, her knitting looks beautiful!!

    1. She's fab isn't she!!!? Oh to be able to knit like this :)