Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A little hello...

I can't believe how behind I am with sharing my blanket info!!! I'm so sorry. It's been a funny few weeks, as you'll soon see! I just wanted to show you how the blanket looks with five rows complete. I'm hoping to do a proper update in the next couple of days. Plus I need to catch up a wee bit... I have four squares to make today.
Hope you're all still enjoying the project! I sure am!


  1. Your blanket looks really nice :)
    Need to check my if is up to date :)

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    1. WoW... so you are the criator of #crochetmoodblanket2014 !!!
      I tried to found who was, but only today I got.
      I launched the idea of the Project in 2014-01-01 in Brazil...
      I have some followers ( #seguidorasdasArtesdaPessoa ) and I follow your hashtag on IG
      Yesterday were a remarkable day for me too... see my blanket here and here
      Nice to "meet you" :)