Saturday, 12 April 2014


2 years ago today I picked up a hook for the first time (the picture in the centre was what I made). Little did I know back then that I was about to be welcomed into this incredible crafting community! Today I'd like to say thank you to you!! You lot are very inspiring and keep me motivated!
Care to share how long you've been crocheting for?


  1. I've been regularly knitting and crocheting since my boyfriend moved in with me and my family last summer (making things for the place we were going to move into!) But I've been crocheting on and off since I was little as we lived with my Nan, who taught me. We still have crochet afternoons together :)

  2. yay! happy 2 years!! I've been crocheting for about 5 years, I taught myself when my youngest was a baby :) I still consider crochet to be a major stress buster in my life.